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Second Day of the Heat Wave, but I got out

Last night I watched TV on a computer and then read the paper. I got to bed to read at 3am and stopped at 6am. I came out to get the paper in and to boot up and see about the weather. It turned out that the 90F and Orange air quality started at noon. I debated if I was really up to driving at that point and got dressed. I took the book with me to the library (woke a guy on the bench who was folded over), had a McDonald's breakfast* and then picked up two days of mail that was almost filling my box. Everything but the last Consumers Reports went right into my mixed-paper recycling bin. I'm going to have to pull the other metal/glass/plastic bin because mine is full and I think I'll wait until Saturday to take that & the trash out.

When I came inside, yes, I played Solitaire again. I went to bed at 9:30am, setting the alarm to 2pm and just turned it off and slept until 6:30pm. I have to stop playing Solitaire other than when I'm supposed to. When I was first told to play it by the neurologist, I used to spend entire nights playing, and that's why I worked so hard to just do what I had to.

I put my phone in the wash again last night. I was in a hurry and got undressed in the living room and put it directly into the washing machine without taking the phone out, like I do on the bed when I put it in the headboard. This morning it worked, but still had water under the screen, so I put it back in the rice.

I take Simvastatin 80mg and the FDA now says new patients shouldn't get it. I'm not new, but I emailed my primary to see if we should try just the fish oil. It was the fish oil that actually lowered my cholesterol.

Ezra Klein's column on the hard truth of healthcare.

After what happened to Lara Logan in Egypt, a position paper and training are being brought to help female reporters in dangerous places.

*Our McDonald's usually has the voice screen next to the picture menu. Today, there was a guy with a tablet before the picture menu. I don't go often enough to remember numbers, so I just said "the sausage one" and he said "sausage egg mcmuffin?" and I said "yes, plus orange juice" (I know, tons of sugar, but I really don't go there very often). Then when I got to the paying window, the woman was having trouble finding my order and a supervisor came to show her. I picked it up and went to the side of the parking lot I like -- looking out on a nice field with birds -- today no robins, but nuthatch, crow, and mockingbird.
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