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Even Later Online

Last night I was working to make a list that shows which of the library's list of SF that I own. There were a lot more than I expected so it took me a while. I then watched In Plain Sight, the late news, and the tape of L&O: Criminal Intent. They said the very last three of that will be on next Sunday. I read the large Sunday paper then and got to bed to read at 4:14am, and even though I went to sleep at 6am, I ended up getting up at 2:20pm.

I took the IRS check to the credit union and got groceries. I've never quite figured out why the cashiers or fillers will put the fridge & freezer items in regular bags and non-perishable items in the insulated bag. I just stand there and rearrange the bags. I got a med and I am now in the donut hole. I just put in refills for two meds -- one generic and one brand name -- and I'll have to see if Kaiser will keep me on the regular generic prices.

It was hot when I went out, but when I walked from the grocery to the van, I felt like I was drenched, and I was close. The weather people are saying that tomorrow may be above or under 90, so it looks like four days I have to stay in. I'm making a list of things to do here. Then I can go out on Saturday and take care of things.

Louisiana is redistricting and they moved a small mostly-white area into a large mostly-black district. The folks who live in that mostly-white area are furious.
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