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Scared Spirit

Spirit didn't come out last night and has only been out briefly on my lap this morning. I think Junie must have got her while I wasn't here. Last night I clicked through the channels where I watch something and six of them are scrambled:

Animal Planet - Cats 101, My Cat From Hell; one runs and then the next, both short

TNT - The Closer, which is not on for very long

TCM - Movies, but I can get those from Netflix

Syfy - Eureka, not on for very long

Lifetime - Drop Dead Diva, not on for long

ABC Family - Make it or Break it, a bit longer than the others, but not like network shows

I checked and I can watch all those on the computer.

I read the paper and got to bed at 3:30am. I read in bed until 6am, setting the alarm to 2pm, and coming out to get the paper. I spent two hours laying the Sunday & today papers out and making the grocery list, plus watching some of the news. Back to bed and I got up at 3:30pm.

I posted about the Freedom Riders (and am reading about the Great Migration), and now there's an article on what women did for the Freedom Rides plus how many then moved to feminism.

These days, many feminists and friends are doing "Slutwalks" to show that getting raped doesn't have anything to do with what you're wearing.

Sometimes women just can't get what they want. In a Q&A section of the WashPost yesterday, a woman asks for a place to learn how to sew by hand. The answer is free classes at a place that has sewing machines. Think that's what she wanted? (I don't know what The Post did with the online copy.)

Republicans want to bring evangelicals back to the den.

A married DC police officer was supposed to meet his lover at a lab to make sure her daughter was also his. Instead, he killed her the day before (shot to the head) to make sure he wouldn't have to pay support and left the one-year-old in the car. She wasn't found for four days and probably died from the heat this week.
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