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Marilee J. Layman

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08:08 pm: News (Long)


WHO says cellphones are "possibly carcinogenic".

Guess what else is "possibly carcinogenic"? coffee, tea, printing ink, etc.

The stretched brain of troops with big brain injuries cause about a third of them to have depression.


Tuesday's heat broke the record from 1895 and back then, horses "were dropping everywhere."

First signs of summer on Metro are residents and tourists wearing flip-flops and open-toed shoes on the escalators and falling.


Some federal workers make more than governors; but those that do are mostly doctors and lawyers.

Here's another where it's hard to decide. A young man who is autistic got to the library early and sat and waited wearing a hoodie. Someone called the police -- black man in hoodie, maybe gun -- and when the young man wouldn't give the officer his name, the officer tried to pull him up and handcuff him. They scuffled and the officer retired early. So what happens to the young man? His mother thought he should go free. The judge actually gave him a partially-suspended sentence and then he would go to a hospital and then a residential treatment plan. Should he stay free? Should he live in a residential treatment house?

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