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Paw-shaped Bruise

I was up late last night getting stuff done. I listened/watched a PBS money-grabber with folk music that I've seen before while I washed the sheets and ran the dishwasher. I filled the dishwasher quickly because I hadn't eaten by 11pm so I made shells & cheese (Giant brand) and that got more than enough calories. I was still 14 grams short of protein so when I was reading, I had three of the Babybel cheeses which made me 1 gram over. I finally got to bed at 3:30am and read until 5am. I brought the paper in and the sky was lavender! I slept until 2pm and headed out to take the adapter back -- the service person didn't seem too surprised -- get gas (saved $5.22 with the points from groceries), and get stuck. I also ate the sausage gravy breakfast at Bob Evans because Charlie was fainting at the idea of gravy on scones (biscuits).

Ack! The big cats just had a snarzel! They didn't stop when I yelled, but they did when I got close. I picked up a fair amount of fur off the bed and I expect to be able to pet more off them. Junie has been very aggressive recently.

I knew this yesterday, but had to check and figure it out. In my mail yesterday was a check from the IRS. I sent them a check for $209 this year and they sent me one for $281. I was able to verify it was really from them, but it took me hours to realize what I'd screwed up. I'd downloaded the forms from the web and forgot to download the one where I calculate how much Social Security gets taxed. So I had all the Social Security in as income instead of the calculated amount. I think I'll ask for the packet next year. I'll take the check to the credit union next week; I went the opposite direction today.

Heh, forgot the bruise. I have a bruise on my abdomen that is exactly the size and shape of Junie's paws. She has jumped on me to get to the other side of the bed and that was probably it.
Tags: adapter, dishwasher, errands, folk music, irs check, laundry, lavender sky, paw-shaped bruise, reading, snarzel, tv
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