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Junie Smacked Spirit! (and me)

I read the Saturday paper last night and got to bed to read at 2am. I got too sleepy by 3am and set the alarm to noon, but my stomach growled at 5am and I got up and brought today's part of the paper in and put it in order while I had an English muffin. I got back to sleep at 6am and reset the alarm to 1pm. I was hurting so much when it went off that I took some acetaminophen and slept until 3:30pm.

While I was reading the paper last night, Junie was sitting on the left arm of the recliner. Spirit started coming up from her bed and I told her Junie was there. Spirit moved to the top of the end table, which she frequently does when she first comes up, and then came back to the right side of my lap while I was still telling her Junie was there. She stepped on me and Junie smacked her and me! I pushed Junie off and told her she was a bad girl for about 15 minutes. I was surprised that she was reticent when she came to bed as if she still knew she was bad.

I read the front page of each section of the paper while I watched Meet the Press and had oatmeal with my cranberry juice. Then over here, so good thing there's nothing to watch tonight. No sheet washing, my arthritis hurts everywhere.

More Indian families are aborting female fetuses if they don't have a boy yet.

Remember how I told you about the restaurant that had lewd scenes all over the walls? Well, it's being painted over, plus the lingerie-clad girls who were to dance on the bar have been disenfranchised.

Harold Camping now says that May 21st was a Spiritual Rapture and the real Rapture will come in October.

Someone else has a cat lump: maybe.

Look at Greg Chamitoff's helmet -- Mike Fincke, the astronaut taking the picture, is there along with the camera.
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