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Weather Timing

Last night I read all of Wednesday's paper and a third of Thursday's paper, then went to bed at 2am to read. I got sleepy at 3:30am and when the alarm went off at noon, I didn't go back to sleep, I was just thinking of all the options I had depending on the weather and got up at 12:30pm.

When I first got out here, I booted up the computer and is now showing 90s from Sunday through Wednesday. I called PT and changed my appointment to June 10th. The therapist is just checking my exercises so I think it won't be too bad to wait that long. I spilled my cranberry juice and this is another good reason for laminate -- it's easy to get all the juice up.

I went on to Office Depot. Three stores had Verbatim USB drives at the same price -- half the original price -- but Office Depot is the closest. I got two 8G and one 16G. I'll use the two 8G the way I've been using two 4G to swap backups to the credit union safe deposit box. The 16G is for some pictures. I stopped on the way home and bought Wendy's new "Berry Almond Chicken Salad." I was pretty sure the picture was inaccurate because there were big full strawberries all over the top. Indeed, when I got home to eat it, there was a good mix of lettuces, enough chicken that I had to put some in the fridge, and about a dozen half-slices of strawberry plus a dozen of blueberries. There was also a packet for almonds, which is a good idea, and the raspberry vinaigrette was very good.

A WashPost columnist gives Obama the way to liberate us from this rut.

For years I've been reading the obituaries and death notices in the WashPost. The obituaries are written by the paper itself and frequently have a lot more information. The death notices usually just name anybody the deceased has ever been related to, and then give info on the funeral. I check the ages in the obituaries and look at those that are 70 or younger to see of what they die. After all, I'm more likely to die sooner than most people. As I read the death notices, which are paid for by the family, I realized that very few list what caused the death, and of those that do, they're almost all white women.
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