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The Last Minute

Last night I watched Modern Family and then started watching a DVD. I stopped for the 11pm news and then finished the DVD. I read Tuesday's paper and got to bed to read at 2:30am. I read until 5am but was still sleepy when I got up to use the bathroom at 10:30am so I just turned the alarm off. I woke up at 2:15pm.

I started Wednesday's paper, and then booted up the computer. I got another email coupon from Ruby Tuesday's for 25% off until the 31st. I downloaded the desktop thing and used that to notice when we were at 89F. I went to look for the mail and my check was there so I drove as quickly as I could and still be legal to get to the credit union drive-in before 6pm (5:54pm, it turned out) and deposit the check. I went on to drop the DVD off at the post office and then to Red Hot and Blue for dinner. I was craving their potato salad and got the Value Meal #1 which has that, a pulled pork sandwich, and a drink.

I came home just as my upstairs neighbor did and I asked her if she worked or went to school and she said she worked at Bank of America. I told her they managed my mortgage. She clearly wanted to go upstairs so I didn't talk more.

I was reading this bottom paragraph when I couldn't read the words. I'm back from an hour in bed and am fine.

I didn't get the adapter done and I know I do need to put it in if I want the Weather Channel because Comcast now has a stable note on that saying I need the digital equipment. The thing is, they've had it up for two months and I've been able to get to every channel I like. Still, I'll plan on putting the adapter in tomorrow.
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