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Heat Coming

Last night I watched TV and then finished reading the Sunday paper and half of Monday's paper. I got to bed to read at 2:15am and read until 4am with a reasonable number of pages. I was short on protein, so I came out and had toast with cheese, brought today's paper in, and watched a bit of the early news. I went to sleep at 5am and turned off the alarm when it buzzed at noon. I woke up at 1:30pm and while I waited for the time to take my BP, I finished Monday's paper.

I took the trash and recycling out and went to Ruby Tuesday's to use another email coupon for 25% off the meal. I had the garden bar and the southwest egg rolls, which were nothing like the southwest or egg rolls. Then I made a choice and went to the grocery to buy four more batches of toilet paper. This is the same kind I usually buy, but it's usually brought by Peapod, who won't come for another month. The TP is not only on sale through Thursday, four batches will give me 200 points, so I'm up to more than 500 points for gas.

After I got home and was on the computer, two police cars pulled up and talked to my upstairs neighbor while she stood on her balcony. I was so tempted to go listen, but figured I shouldn't. They were here about 20 minutes and consulted a tablet-kind of thing.

It will be in the 90s tomorrow and Tuesday and I will have to pay attention because I have a PT appointment on Tuesday and I have to reschedule quickly if it looks like it really will be that high.

Nora Roberts has given her summer reading and one is Terry Pratchett's Lord and Ladies and she says: "I think of Terry Pratchett as a glorious blend of Douglas Adams and Monty Python..."
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