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Yay! Good Labs!

I lost a lot of solitaire last night, too, and I don't know why. I read Friday's paper before I watched two shows and taped a movie, and then read about 2/3 of Saturday's paper. I was just dropping my head and the paper so I went to bed at 1:30am. I tried to start the library book but I only got 13 pages because I kept going to sleep. I gave up at 3:30am and slept. I woke up at 6:45am with my stomach growling so I had some toast, brought in today's paper, finished Saturday's paper, and watched a bit of the early news. Then I went back to bed until 11:30am. I'd set the alarm for noon, but I was awake and that was seven hours.

I read the Prince William tabloid from the WashPost while I waited to take my BP and an article on how crimes increased or decreased in the county around me mentioned "reported rapes". There weren't any reported violence or reported larceny or reported property. Why is only rape "reported?" A little discrimination there?

I went and got groceries and bought one of the reusable insulated bags the store sells. I haven't really had much trouble with melting, but I figured $1.99 is a reasonable price to be more careful. I have the wet cat food cans on the counter because they were on sale today, so I took the box that holds 24 cans again and those will go in the box in the hall closet. I now have 48 cans that aren't in the cupboard where I normally keep them. There's 15 there.

I booted up the computer when I got home and my tests from Friday are really great! Not only is the BUN down, but it's under my usual range and at the very top of the normal range! The creatinine is in my usual range and everything else is in the normal range. The GFR is up to 33, which is not quite back to mid-stage 3, but is a lot better than the last few.

In other good news today, I've been trying on a piece of clothing when I get dressed because a lot of them are too big now. I was sure the one I tried on today would fall off a shoulder, but it's fine! It was originally a dark red, but now is a dark pink. I have four others -- white, black, cornflower blue, and one with a white background and dark pink florals. They have sweetheart necklines so wearing necklaces looks good, too.

I have cat blankies in the washing machine now and I think I'll do Spirit's bed cover next. I'll have to take as much fur off as I can before I wash it.
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