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Bookgroup 10th Anniversary

I did finish the book last night. I was so sleepy and nodding off at 2am that I set the alarm to 4am and slept for two hours then finished the book. I forgot to reset the alarm for noon, but I woke up by myself at 12:30pm and actually got to the library early.

Our 10th anniversary was actually last month, but we didn't meet then because so many people would be gone or otherwise busy -- Easter was the next day -- so we had cake today. We went out to a place I'd never gone, Bungalow Alehouse, and there did seem to be a lot of kids for a place that has a gazillion brands of beer. The beer people at our table (three of the six of us) kept passing theirs around and commenting. I thought the steak & cheese sandwich was good, but the restaurant is toward the east end of the county.

They had sports monitors all over the walls, plus a giant monitor showing the Preakness. That's at Pimlico and Pimlico lost money last year because they said people couldn't drink there. So this year, not only could people (most 21-30) drink, but they were encouraged to by an ad (and actual actor/costume appearances in bars) for Kegasus. (Of course, Pegasus was a winged horse while Kegasus is a centaur.)

I picked up a new book at the library today (and there's people waiting for all four copies -- took me two months to get this one) called The Warmth of Other Suns : the Epic Story of America's Great Migration by Isabel Wilkerson. It's about how blacks moved from the south to the north and northwest for better lives, and at the same time, changing the country.

I was online until I wanted to watch two shows and now I'm back. I did the grocery list while I was watching the TV and may take time to read part of yesterday's paper tonight.
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