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Still 110 Pages

I did finish the paper last night and shouldn't have, because even though I finished at 2am, I kept getting so sleepy that I'd come out and do something then go back and read more. I gave up at 6am and slept until 1:30pm. There's still 110 pages and I don't know if I can read all those tonight. The last two son Pern books were 600 pages and I read them at four days each. I started this book, which is 600 pages, ten days ago. Too much lecturing, too little action.

I went and got stuck, then picked up the inline switch. I had a coupon for a new Greek restaurant just a block up, so I went and had a lamb kabab. The basmati rice was amazingly dry and the kebab was three small pieces of meat. Not so bad, since I can have some more protein, but it was a bit expensive for that. At least I had a coupon.

Some parents are getting their kids' genes tested for sports. I'm sure glad there wasn't anything like this when I was a kid. Or maybe it would actually show that I wasn't meant for sports anyway.

There's been several car crashes and deaths on a hilly road in the county around my city. The county supervisors are planning to flatten the road. I don't think that's going to fix it, since all the drivers were drunk teens.

The WashPost has an "ask this week's decorator" column once a week and yesterday's column [halfway down, Auctions/Flea Markets] had a couple say they bought a house far out in a Virginia rural area and ask if she knows "any good auctions or flea markets in the area". She answers "Sloans & Kenyon" which is in Maryland, quite a distance, and not exactly the kind of stuff they'd want. It surprises me she'd let that be printed because she looks stupid.

A cool Tom Toles cartoon on Newt.
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