Marilee J. Layman (mjlayman) wrote,
Marilee J. Layman

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Maybe Good Time

When I got up at 8:30pm last night I watched TV and read the paper and then read in the bed off and on until 9am. The only sleep I got was between 9am and noon. I got up and went to get labs and have been going through mail and paying bills. Remember how I said I had to put in an adapter for Comcast's moving to digital? And it didn't cost more? Well, what they didn't say was that the digital basic was $7/month more than the analog basic. Hmph. I still haven't put the adapter in, but I hope to stay up until midnight and then move back into my normal times.

I have the cat blankies in the laundry and will do kitchen towels next.
Tags: comcast increase, labs, laundry, reading, sleeping, tv

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