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Pushing Forward

I'd watched TV and read the paper to get to bed to read by 3am. I didn't have to move the couch -- Junie brought me Birdie from somewhere and we played Fetch a bit until she didn't bring it back. When I got up to use the bathroom, she had pulled my robe to the floor and was curled up on it with Birdie under her head. Today Birdie is lost again. I finished reading at 6am, brought the paper in, set the alarm for 2pm and then didn't actually sleep until 9am. When the alarm went off at 2pm, I just turned it off and slept until 6:30pm. I don't need to be anywhere at any particular time until Saturday, for bookgroup, so I'm going to try to push forward again.

I first thought it was too late to wash the sheets, but then I realized I was going to be up and the back neighbors say they never hear it and the above neighbor(s) haven't moved in yet, so I'm working on that.

I watched the last part of PBS' South Riding and still didn't think much of it, and then watched In Plain Sight. L&O: Criminal Intent is on the tape. I need 600 more calories and 39 more grams of protein so I'm thinking about how to do it in one batch.

The Navy is putting out a MMO to learn how to deal with the Somali pirates. It's not a shooting game, it's a policy wonk game.

A man offers up to $2M to colleges if they preach a class on Ayn Rand. A number of the faculties don't like that, but it's been happening for centuries.

Today's WashPost had 10 items tossed out this spring. Ted Koppel presented "democracy." (his quotes)

A midwife who is not licensed in Virginia waited too long to call for the rescue squad and the baby she was delivering died. She and other women think it might just as well happened at a hospital, so there's nothing wrong. I can see that a lot of women might want to deliver at home, but I think they should have a licensed midwife and one that will let go and get people who are more/better trained at the beginning of problems.

WashPost columnist Colbert I. King covers Raymond Arsenault's book Freedom Riders. Those in the US can watch the movie Freedom Riders on American Experience on PBS tomorrow.
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