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Semantic Aphasia

Last night, as usual, I watched TV and read the paper. I went to bed to read at 3:30am and stopped to come out and get the paper at 4:30am. I looked for the review of Jo's "Among Others", posted a review of the review and went to bed at 5:30am. I slept off and on until 9am when I actually slept until 4pm.

I'm reading the bookgroup book now, and it has quotes above each chapter. One of them mentions semantic aphasia. This is what I have when I can't understand words or can understand the words and can't understand the sentences. I'm wondering if I should tell the neurologist or if she'll just think I'm whining.

I made the grocery list for Monday and have had Junie following me around imploring me for Birdie. I keep reminding her that this is third Birdie and she's the one who was there when it got lost. I probably need to move the couch. When I have time, I plan to cut cardboard that will cover the little arches at the bottom of my bed end, chest of drawers, and secretary, and put double-stick tape on and stick it inside behind the arch. I would really like that to work. I'm careful and don't scratch the laminate and don't do it when I hurt too much, but I'd rather not have to do it at all. I'm still not sure what to do about the couch.
Tags: among others, birdie, block furniture arches, grocery list, reading, semantic aphasia, sleeping, tv

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