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Cat Stuff and More

I have a two-yard piece of fleece on the couch so the cats can sleep there and I can whip it off for company and have a fur-free couch. The problem is that two yards exactly fits and the cats tend to scrunch it up and then get fur on the ends. Today I went to Hancock Fabrics and bought a three-yard piece. Let's see them get *that* off the ends!

While I was at Hancock, I noticed that the fabrics for spring are all light and bright, some seersucker, some including ruffles in rows on the fabric. They also had premade skirts & tops for sale. I thought they were nuts when they started selling decorative house things, and now I wonder who's putting this stuff on the floor.

My brother called and they're coming up Saturday to take me out for my birthday, which wasn't what I planned, but the other can be postponed. I have to find a restaurant today or tomorrow, though.

I got a call from the police fraud guy, he was out on snow patrol with everybody else yesterday. He needs someone who actually fell for having to sign the proxy to get parking stickers, and they have to have done it here in the city (at the non-meeting because of no quorum) instead of at the office. If it's at management's office, it'd be the next county's police. I'll have to ask around and see what happened. I'm not sure that many people have done anything about it, because only my upstairs neighbor and I have the stickers in our area.

We must have had a substitute letter carrier because I have a box of books in my cluster mailbox that won't come out my end. Waaaaaah! The regular carriers just leave them at the top of my ramp. I drove back to the post office (had just been there to put a DVD in the drive-through box) and gave the info to a clerk who will pass it on. I should get the books tomorrow. I know I'm not going to read them for five years, but new books!
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