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Parking Weirdness

I took care of Spirit's triangular litter box before 9pm when I watched Masterpiece Classic: South Riding. I've read something related to South Riding at some point and I don't remember what. It wasn't the original book and I didn't watch any movies or similar. I just can't figure out where I read a bit of it. I taped Law & Order: Criminal Intent and then watched In Plain Sight. I finished reading the paper and got to bed at 1:30am and read more. I came out at 4:30am for the paper and to have the 30gr protein I needed, then went to sleep at 5am. When the alarm went off at noon, I reset it for 1pm and got up then.

I got gas ($3.679/gallon with the grocery points), did the labs, picked up more dry kitty food, and had dinner at Ruby Tuesday with a 25% off coupon I got in email. There's a limit to how far I can park from the medical center's door and still get inside. All five handicapped spots were full, so I went out to the farthest spots and started coming in. I saw a guy get into a dusty green Toyota three spots down on a line and pulled up with my blinker on. Then a woman pulled opposite me and asked me to go around the circle because she had to park in a spot (waving at one a few beyond the van). I told her that the man in the green car was pulling out and then I'd be in his spot and out of her way. She started yelling that her father had a doctor's appointment and she needed to park at that spot that she'd waved at before. The guy was out by then and I just pulled in. I saw her pull in farther down, but didn't see them in person. If the guy can walk from that far, he walks better than I do. And Kaiser has benches so folks can drop off their poor-walkers, park, and come back. It was just very strange.

The WashPost is going to review Jo's Among Others on Saturday. The blurb says "Fairies, witches and classic science fiction abound in Jo Walton's novel Among Others". I hope Dirda does it -- he's an experienced SF reviewer. (Their house standard for science fiction is "science-fiction" and it wasn't like that on this bit.)
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