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Bad Lab

I watched TV last night -- at one point hearing Loki and Junie in a snarzel down the hall -- and then read the paper and got to bed to read at 1:30am. I finished at 4:30am and came out to get the paper and watched the beginning of the news. I went to sleep at 5am with the alarm set to 1pm, but I just turned it off. The nephrology nurse called (I didn't do their labs, so I was a bit worried that the tech pulled the wrong labels yesterday) and told me my BUN was raised so I should drink more (I already drink almost constantly) and redo a couple labs on Monday. I went back to sleep and got up at 3:30pm.

After I read the front pages of the sections of the paper and started laundry, I came over here and checked my labs. My BUN is twice what it usually is, which dropped my GFR down into Stage 4. Not good, and very strange to happen like that. This is why I'm so tired and drowsy, though -- the BUN has been elevated for at least a couple weeks, probably.

I keep forgetting to ask what I can use to take the oil smell off the bed linen. Just one wash brought it down a good bit on the pillowcases, but I'd like to have it gone. I keep seeing stain removers but not odor removers and I don't want things that just put a smell on top. Any ideas?

When I came in yesterday and turned the news on, the DC police chief and mayor were thanking the firefighters and police officers. It took a few minutes to find out why: envelopes (now 35) with powder in them have turned up at schools and post offices in DC. It's been found that the powder inside is safe and the envelopes will be moved to the FBI.

The WashPost had a picture of the Situation Room during the operation on Sunday and then had their experts analyze how the people sit and what they wear, etc..
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