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Beautiful Day!

I managed to watch TV, read the paper, make iced tea, and get to bed at 1:30am. I read until 4:30am and came out to see the early news. I was back in bed at 5am with the alarm set at 1pm and went right to sleep. I think the effexor is working -- I'm not having hot flashes at all during the day and only a few that aren't as bad at night. When the alarm went off, I turned over for a bit because the side I was on hurt, and then got up at 1:30pm. Right then, Loki coughed up a hair slime on the cat blankie. I put it in the washing machine, but didn't start it until I got home.

It turns out that the reason Spirit comes over here is because she wants more food and/or water. Now that I'm checking twice a day, she isn't coming. So I took the drive out of the old CPU last night and put the CPU in the back of the van with the trash & recycling today. The trash & recycling were put in the right places and I'll take the CPU to the HazMat half-Saturday this week.

I went and had labs done, and the weather was wonderful! I took my spring/fall coat because it was supposed to be mid-60s and breezy, and it was, but also very sunny. Very nice day.

An interesting article on who sells or buys bin Laden t-shirts.
Tags: cpu to hazmat, effexor working, loki hair slime, reading, sleeping, tv

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