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Edress Back

I watched TV last night and read the paper, then did a lot of things around the house so I didn't get to bed to read until 3:30am. I was waiting for the load of my laundry to finish in the dryer and make a ding. After a bit I realized that it was too late, and indeed, it was 5:30am and the dryer wasn't on. I got the stuff out but just left it in the hamper and went to sleep. I pushed the alarm to 12:30pm and washed up at the sink today.

Last night, my pillow cases smelled funny. Oil... kitchen oil... and I remembered that when I washed this set of bed linen last week, I tossed in a kitchen towel that I'd used to wipe something off the kitchen floor. I still don't think it was oil, because I use that for popcorn and haven't had popcorn for a while, but it clearly scented the pillow cases. The fitted sheet and duvet cover seemed clean. So the pillow cases are in now, and then I'll wash the cat blankies.

I spent three hours at "Vision Essentials" -- I should have been there about half the time, but they had an emergency come in. No problem with the optometrist, she was quick and I do really need new glasses, but the ophthalmologist didn't finish with the emergency for a good while. He told me that I still have "MILD incipient cataracts" which is fine with me. Fortunately, I took the paper with me. I'd used the free/no-tipping valet parking and when I got down at 5:03pm, the guys were gone. My van was open, but no keys, so I started back up wondering what to do. I saw a security guard I've never seen before -- they must come on in the evening -- and as I held my cardboard up, he pulled my keys out and gave them to me.

I went back down and this was late enough that I was in a stopped entry ramp to the interstate. I stopped at Carrabbas (house caesar salad, pizza marguerite (half home)) and then came home the back way. I really ache today and sitting up that long isn't very helpful.

I called GoDaddy after I got home and he was happy that I was logged into everything I needed, and then walked me through the first two-thirds or so, where I'd already been, and then he told me to click on a link when I had clicked on the square box in front of the link. So I moved the name servers back where they belonged and my works again now. I filled out the registration, too.

Recently, I posted the link to a doctor talking about drugs getting scarce. Here's an article by a journalist on the same topic.
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