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Name Servers Were Changed

ETA: Ah, I figured out an edress to use: That's amazingly old, but still works.

I was watching TV until 11pm and was surprised to go to the NBC channel and find out that Osama bin Laden had been killed! I spent too much time waiting to see Obama talk and ended up reading the paper until 4:15am. Today's paper arrived at 3:45am. I went to bed and read until 6:30am and sat with Spirit. I watched the beginning of Today to see how they would handle it, and then went to bed to sleep at 7:15am. I left the alarm set to noon, but changed it to 1pm, and then woke up at 3:15pm. I have to do better tomorrow -- I have to be at an appointment at 2:10pm.

I got money at the ATM, mailed the DVD, and got groceries. Spirit threw up sometime last night so her bed cover is in the dryer now. I didn't get to washing sheets yesterday and the first pillow is now in the washing machine.

My domain registrar died, so I moved to GoDaddy, but I hadn't approved them changing my name servers. In fact, I told the guy who called me and tried to sell me more than the domain, that I was leaving everything at Dreamhost at least until my money ran out there. So it looks like you can write emails, but not mail them until I get my name servers back.

Why Being a Foodie Isn't "Elitist".

Who Becomes a Birther?
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