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More Tonados and Thunderstorms

Last night I read the paper and got to bed by midnight. I read until 4am and set the alarm for noon. I didn't get up until 2pm, but it worked out. I checked when Peapod would come today and it was 7:30pm - 9:30pm, so I was back way earlier than that. We had more tornados and thunderstorms last night. Virginia had only five deaths, but this storm brought 280 deaths all over the country.

I took the trash and recycling out and was back before the mailguy came, but I'm going to get another Birdie tomorrow. I have no idea where Junie is losing these. I moved the couch last night -- an acceptable time after the cortisone -- and nothing was there. When I come back, I'll get at least today's mail.

I got two TV input notices/parts:

1) Comcast is going completely digital. My two DVR/VCRs already have digital tuners, but don't get all the channels Comcast has (not that I want the others), so I could just connect the adapter to the TV, but I'm first going to see if I can put the adapter between the wall and the separator, where I have the wall cable now.

2) Fios is going to come wire our storerooms, then dig to put the outside wires in. If someone wants Fios, they'll wire inside your condo. They call two days before they'll come and I hope they don't expect me to make room for them to get in there; the storeroom is cramped.
Tags: birdie, comcast digital adapter, fios wiring, peapod, reading, sleeping, storm deaths, trash * recycling, weather

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