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Marilee J. Layman

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04:40 pm: Slow Snow
Just as well I'm semi-snowed in today, my legs cramped last night from all the errands and I had to take extra flexeril and sleep in the recliner. I didn't wake up until almost 2pm.

The snow is still what might be called a "dusting" although we're expected to get a bit more. There was a squirrel on the railing, eating from the feeder, earlier and its tail stuck out beyond the roof and was covered with snow.

I always wash cat blankies, kitchen towels, and bathroom hand towels on Tuesdays, and last night I was folding a cat blanky for its space and the end of the blanky wouldn't come to me, it was a little elastic. I look over and Shiva has a claw in it. He'd like to let loose of it at this point, but he's stuck. I reached over and got his claw out, poor boy.

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