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Left Shoulder Frozen & Arthritic

We had a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings last night and at one point, after the warnings were cancelled, I was washing a dish and thought there was another big one. Then I turned the faucet off and it was the bass from a neighbor's car. Last night I watched the end of the new Upstairs Downstairs and then read the paper. I got to bed at 1:30am and read until 4:30am. The alarm went off at 11:30am and I got up. I felt a little nauseated, but that got better.

When I came out of the bathroom, having brushed my teeth, I noticed there was a Junie-lump under the cat blankie. I said "Junie-lump" and she stuck her head out and mewed as if to say she really wanted to stay. I went over and petted her nose and she calmed down. On my way out, the ramp was covered with the kind of pollen on strings, and that was gone when I got back. When I went out to get the mail, there were lots of maple flyers.

I went to the ortho and he looked at the left shoulder x-ray my primary had done in November (and said nothing was wrong) and then moved my arm around. I have arthritis (no surprise, and visible on the x-ray) and a frozen shoulder. He gave me a cortisone shot (which requires me to be quiet and not lift things for two days, so items on my week list have moved down), ordered a PT appointment so the therapist can show me how to do the exercises, and a book of exercises. He said to come back if it doesn't get better.

I'm really sleepy, but want to watch at least one show and I can tape the next one while I go to bed.

Trump is near or at the top of recent polls testing the field of Republican presidential candidates. (that's near the bottom of the second page)

VDOT is thinking about composting carcasses because they're spending $4.4M annually to take the carcasses (mostly deer) to landfills or to bury them near the road.
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