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Sleep with Spirit

Last night I watched a DVD and then read the paper, going to bed at midnight. I finished the book at 2:30am and decided it was a good time to sleep. I kept waking up with the hot flashes, but actually got up at 1:30pm.

I fed the cats, marked the TV Week, made the grocery list and read the front of the pages of the paper, and was really sleepy again. I settled into the recliner with Spirit needing help under and out twice. I slept three hours until 7pm. The info on the effexor says it might make me drowsy, so that could be it. I haven't eaten since 4pm yesterday so I need to get food, too. Something frozen and microwavable, I think.

I forgot to post a couple things from this week: 1) When my friends were here putting the new desk chair together, Loki watched carefully and then sniffed and licked their fingers. He's never done that to people before. 2) Olive Garden has new chairs. They used to have upholstered, armed, castered chairs but now they're like school chairs -- all wood, no arms, no casters (which for me means I have to pull the table closer instead of the chair to the table). I wonder if they want people to eat and leave faster.

Finally, here's a Q&A on how the iPhones and Android phones are tracking you.
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