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Lots of News

I've actually thrown out some of the clippings I had because they're less important or well-known, but there's still a lot here:


What you look like can tell if you're sick.

There's lots of medications that are short and people are close to dying.

Globally, there are 2.6 million stillbirths per year, but about half could be prevented.

A young man who is partially paralyzed thinks God brought the stem cells and he'll walk again.


This is a very common kind of event here -- a man is mentally ill, tries to attack officers, the officers have to kill him, and the parent blames the officers. What are the officers supposed to do? Do all the mentally ill people go back to institutions?

Half of meat and poultry in supermarkets has staph.

The company in charge of the Japanese nuclear reactors, Tepco, didn't take offered water cannons from just down the island. They waited for them to come from Germany and the US. The disaster went further than it had to.

A college student found his stolen iPad by using a tracking program. It took the police a while to believe him that it worked.

Of the 5193 outdoor public sculptures in the US, only 394 are of women.

Some federal agencies are green, some aren't.

And finally, something funny (skip to the bottom).
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