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Marilee J. Layman

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06:34 pm: Strange Adding

Last night I watched TV and taped a show to watch tonight. I read the paper and got to bed to read about midnight but got so sleepy that I stopped at 3:30am. I got up at 1pm, after about five waking hot flashes, and headed out to get groceries.

On the way home, I got yesterday's mail which included a set of forms from Comcast telling me that if I don't get a digital adapter or set-top box, I'll lose a lot of channels. They're free (now, at least), so I ordered a digital adapter which will be sent free for me to install. I also got an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from Kaiser Permanente for my March meds. I skimmed it and then caught something I was sure was wrong. I roughly calculated in my mind the amount the plan paid in March several times and it always came up about $150. However, the total shows $500.20. I looked at January's, which was fine, and then February's, which had $500.20 accurately. I spent 28 minutes on the phone getting up three levels in the Medicare section of Kaiser where I found out that the computer guys already knew they screwed up and would fix it in April's. You'd think the lower levels of folks would know that. I can't be the only person who noticed.

And the WashPost agent sent me a bill on 4/12 for a time period until 6/06 and I had that paid on 4/5. I emailed him; I've done that before and wonder why he doesn't get seven days notice from the newspaper.

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