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Rain Stripes

Last night I read the paper, then watched a long show and taped two, then watched one of the two. I got to bed to read at 1:30am, and again had trouble staying awake. I did get to page 60 before I went to sleep at 2:30am. I set the alarm for noon, but got up at 11am.

I made appointments for the nephrologist, psychiatrist, and my primary (that one tomorrow for the hot flashes) and then headed off for the hour drive to pick up my test information. I'll have to copy it for the psychiatrist because nothing psych is in our electronic charts.

Another hour home, but I went through rain stripes -- bashing and hard to see to just drips to glancing from the side and so on -- and had lunch at Lin's China Bistro. I really do love their mustard; it makes steam come up out of my nose. I brought about half of the food home while the sky was dark, but not raining.

A teacher down in Norfolk VA held a mock slave auction in her classroom. As if that wasn't bad enough, she had the white kids buy and sell the black and mixed race kids.

And while they're still discussing how to teach the civil war, locally, we see a lot of diverse kids who were never seen in that time period.

Wal-Mart lost too many customers, so they're bringing back some old products and prices.

And today is Yuri's Night -- he was the first man in low orbit 50 years ago.
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