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Very Clumsy

Last night I read the paper and got to bed to read at 12:30am. I read until 1:30am and only got about 12 pages in because I kept sleeping. I put the book away at 1:30am, set the alarm to noon, and went right away to sleep. I had hot flashes through the night and got a call from the neuropsych folks that I can come pick up my results; I'll do that tomorrow. I also got email from my neurologist that told me it says I have Massive Depression and Anxiety. I'm making other HMO appointments tomorrow, I'll make an appointment for my psychologist. I still think that depression is not the thing that's making me have so much trouble with words, but we'll see. I was awake at 10:30am and went ahead and got up.

I picked up a book from the library, mailed the IRS envelopes, and planned to try the new Roy Rogers, but there's only two handicapped spaces and all the other spots were full, too. I was kind of angry but as I was on the way to the Subway (I'd planned to eat out before getting groceries), I realized that I was out at normal lunch times, rather than my usual afternoon lunch times.

I got a drink as well as a half-sub at the Subway and as I sat down, spilled it on the table, floor, and the bottom half of me. They had me get another drink and I went ahead and ate there, then came home and changed clothes. I went on to get groceries -- one of my more expensive trips, but they had several of my favorite frozen meals on sale -- and then came home. I put the things that need the fridge & freezer in and left the others on the counter while I sat in the recliner and waved the fan. Once I was cooler, I opened the windows for the cats to sit at. We're now at 77F.

I'm listening to the Dixie Chicks' "HOME." I like their music.
Tags: anxiety, depression, errands, hot flashes, music, reading, sleeping

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