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Dragonsblood by Todd McCaffrey

I continued reading this book and the next night it had characters from Dragon's Kin some years later, so I finished the book.

The mother does a very sappy intro and while the map is good, the middle part of it is stuck in the spine. The book has some chapters back in the beginning of the first Interval and other chapters at the beginning of the Third Pass. The chapters are labeled obviously, but there are some people who still don't like that.

The primary character in the old time (OT) is Wind Blossom. Her mother made the dragons from fire lizards and Wind Blossom made the watch-whers.

The primary character in the newer time (NT) is Lorana who can draw well and can hear and talk to all the dragons.

Lorana has problems at sea that make her fire lizards diappear; at the same time, two fire lizards, only one alive, appear in the OT. Wind Blossom knows the OT doesn't have much equipment and so forth, and the young man for whom they were saving the antibiotics (to fix a large facial scar when he stopped growing) gives them up for the brown fire lizard. It arrived with a beaded harness showing healer and animal.

Lorana is found on a beach and taken to Bendan Weyr where she is saved, but at the same time, the dragons are starting to cough. She meets Kindan (from Dragon's Kin) and they fall in love. More and more dragons and fire lizards die and go between and nobody knows how to stop them. Lorana has accidentally impressed Arith, a gold dragon, and when Arith goes between, she also ends up dead in OT with a piece of silver showing Bendan Weyr, animal, and healer.

Wind Blossom and her staff realize that the fire lizard and dragon came from the future and that they must make a way so the future Pernians can save them. They realize that there is a way to do that, although they must argue with the Holders.

The dragonfolk think of timing it to save their dragons, riders, and weyrlings. Lorana is able to figure out the rules for getting to the teaching room and to make a single dose to fix the dragons. She gives it to one who can then give more for others. Wind Blossom thinks that the person who can make the dose is probably her descendent. Everybody is happy on the 28th day of the Pass and that's where the book ends.

Everybody is either good or bad, nobody more complex, but I do appreciate that he used "decimated" properly. I'm going to start the next book tonight.
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