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Stupid Online Taxes

I watched TV last night and then started reading the paper. I got too sleepy and went to bed at 9:30pm, getting up at 10:30pm. I'm very glad that the Congress & Obama worked something out, but I wish it was a different result. I finished the paper and went to bed and read until 5am. I got the paper and went back to bed. I set the alarm for 1pm and only had a few hot flashes during the sleep time. When the alarm went off, I turned it off and slept until 2:30pm, ending up shivering and coughing.

I marked up the TV Week, made the grocery list for Monday, and went out to get Friday's and today's mail. The behavioral science folks sent me a bill -- I told them a couple weeks ago that they have to bill Medicare first, then Kaiser. The note I have from Kaiser says I don't owe anything.

I gathered my tax stuff and booted up the computer. I can see it's worth saving money by not sending all the paper, and the IRS has a list of companies that will let you use their online tax software free if you make less than $58K and live in certain states. Well, only one will also let you use their state software free, but it took a long time to use, and then, somehow, it stuck $400 of income in that I didn't have (or put in). I went completely back to the beginning and looked through all the forms I'd filled out and there wasn't any $400. So I just logged off and downloaded the forms from the IRS page. It'll be faster to print and do them by hand, anyway.

Judith Martin (Miss Manners) has an interesting article on how her husband had a painting made of her. It's now in the National Portrait Gallery for an exhibit. The painting's at the top of the article.
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