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Rapture Convoy

Tuesday night I got up at 8pm, watched TV, read the paper, and then read in bed until 4am. I was still awake at 6am Wednesday, so I came out here for online stuff, and got all but LJ because of the DDOS attack. I headed out to get labs and on the way back decided to drive to another county for lunch. On my way, I saw seven small-U-haul-size trucks with wraps on and all I could read while driving past was:

Have you heard the good news?
The world will be ending soon!
The bible guarantees it!
May 21, 2011

There were also two vans with part of that message. I wondered if they were just advertising devices rather than actually using the trucks.

I went to Anita's in Burke; we used to have one here, but they closed. I sometimes go there after seeing the nephrologist, but last time I went to Outback Steakhouse. I had a craving for their Taco & Taquito dinner, which is almost always what I have: an oval platter with half rice and half beans in sauce, then two taquitos and two tacos (meat or chicken) and guacamole. Mmmmmm. I can't have protein today, though.

On the way home, I saw about half of the rapture convoy, plus on another car, a bumpersticker that said:

Welcome to Northern Virginia

When I got home, I'd been up for almost 20 hours and I went to bed to read. I did go to sleep right after I read and got up when the alarm went off 3.5 hours later -- I had more to tape and watch. I started reading the paper while I watched the late news, and planned to finish it before I went to bed, but I was nodding off badly. I went to the bedroom at midnight, had meds, managed to read 10 pages, and then went to sleep. I had hot flashes every two hours starting at 1am and the one at 7am woke me up completely soaked. My side of the bed was, too, so I moved the kitties off "their" side and slept there. They went and slept at the bottom. With the 11am hot flash, I was coughing and shivering so I got some water and turned the thermostat up. The alarm went off at noon and I laid there and thought about the night and then got up.

I did my usual reading the front pages of today's paper sections and while I did that, I watched a show I'd taped last night: Extreme Couponing. The first segment had a woman who spent six hours a day so $1900 of food would be $5.37. While all the people in the store were applauding, I was wondering if she had a therapist. At the end of her segment, she said that even if she had lots of money, she'd still be couponing. She really needs a therapist. The other couponers all also had more than they could possibly use before the expiration date. I'm not surprised that it's shown right before a hoarding show. Back when I worked and made good money, I used coupons (it wasn't a verb back then), it always seemed reasonable, but I didn't spend all my extra time cutting coupons and figuring out how to use them. And these days, there's not that much in coupons that I would use. I still cut some out, but for a lot of them, I only use them when the item is also on sale.

I've finished washing the pillows and the cat blankies. The new 1.5 quart slow cooker came and I'm ready to pack up the fancy Japanese rice cooker I've had for years and take it to the charity shop. It's not only too big, but it doesn't make oatmeal very well. This Proctor Silex (Hamilton Beach) was well-liked all over the web for oatmeal and other recipes.

Want to help find Genghis Khan's tomb?

I was skimming the Sports section on Wednesday and while I know the NFL is not working at the moment, I was surprised to find that a lot of teams, including the Redskins, are still requiring season ticket payments now. Somebody who's had seven season tickets for years said "I don’t get it ... nobody would pay for movie tickets in March for a movie that might come out in September."
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