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Dragon's Kin by Anne McCaffrey and Todd McCaffrey

I realized recently that I'd been buying the Pern books by the son without reading the first one. A quick check showed me I had six of them and this is the first, with both mother and son writing. We're not having bookgroup next month because it would have been on Easter Saturday and most people are doing something else, so I figured this was a good time to see what I think about the books.

This one involves a mining hold, watch-weirs, a group of tweens, and dragons/dragonriders. It's a nice YA book, rather lyric, and with the standard bad, good, bad, good, etc. things going on.

Early this morning, I confidently started the next, Dragonsblood, just by the son. So far, it's plodding, heavy, and not very interesting. It also has a lot of homonyms, which usually means just a spellchecker was used. I'm going to read more tonight or whenever I get to that, and if I don't like it then, I'll try the beginning of the next one, just to be sure. Then I'll read a couple random of the mother's books and see if I want to get rid of all the books, or just his.
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