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Maybe No Pushing

I got so sleepy Saturday morning that I ended up in bed at 7am and slept until 5:30pm (might have slept longer except for Junie). I've been online most of the time, dealing with renewing my domain while my domain company is dead. It looks like I'll have to try to phone tomorrow or Tuesday. I've washed/changed sheets and am washing clothes. I stopped online and read part of the paper while I watched the 11pm news and am now back to repeat: online, then paper. But that will be the end of it. I think there's a good chance that I will get too sleepy to finish the paper and will see if going to bed then will put me back in the normal sleeping time.

The NCAA has been taking scholarships away from colleges where the APR isn't good enough. Maryland is losing three scholarships. A WashPost Sports columnist thinks this is really wrong. Her sarcastic column equates athletic scholarships and grades with those for chefs and doctors, but those are not really the same. One of the purposes for future chefs and doctors to go to college is to learn; most athletes go to get into professional sports.

A couple of boys have an argument at school. The next day the parents of one of them drove him to school and told him to beat up the other kid. He punched him, making him fall down. A crossing guard tried to separate them which is when the parents came and beat up the crossing guard. The parents were arrested. How do we teach the kid that his parents were wrong?
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