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Pushing Again

I'm far enough off and have nothing that I have to do at a specific time for the next two weeks, so I'm going to try to push forward. I was online last night until 11:30pm and while I had planned to just read the paper, I realized that I hadn't eaten yet, so looked the freezer and cupboards over. The mac & cheese brought all the calories I needed but was 14gr short of protein. I figured I could get that later. While I made the mac & cheese, ate it, and put new rehydration fluid packets into a mix of flavors, I watched Blue Bloods. Then I read the paper and got to bed at 3am.

I read until 7:30am then got dressed, put the dead rechargable batteries in my coat pocket, and pulled the rolling cart with cardboard out to the van. When I got to the transfer station, there were a lot of people who hadn't done it before. I was just inside the gate when someone with a truck pushing a trailer backed toward me from my right. He then went up on the weight bridge, which is only for commercial trash. I turned in where he'd come from and put the cardboard into the dumpster for it.

I went around the weight bridge and looked around for someone to hand the batteries to, but there wasn't anybody to do that, even the woman for whom this is part of her job. There was a man pulling computer bits out of his car, so I just put my batteries on a computer chassis and made a joke about someone driving over them. On my way back around the weight bridge, there was another person with a truck and a trailer driving up it. Behind him was a woman in a van, looking around. I couldn't get quite close enough to talk to her, but I was edging there when she went up the bridge behind the truck. There's been signs there before pointing to the side of the bridge and the area where the hazmat stuff is taken and they weren't there today.

Normally I only get breakfast at McDonald's in the summer, when I have to be out early to avoid the forbidden heat and/or pollution, but I decided to take advantage of being up so early and headed down there. I enjoyed my breakfast and the wrappings told me it had 18gr protein, so I'm full for yesterday and have already started 4gr for today. I got home right before 9am, swapped my shoes for slippers, and came back out to turn the news on. I watched for the first hour while I marked the TV week, made the grocery list, and set up the sections for Sunday's paper.

At 10am, I went back to bed and slept until 7pm. I only had a few hot flashes and they weren't as bad as usual. I read the front pages of today's paper's sections and bought some things online. The most important was new handkerchiefs. The ones I've had for about 22 years are falling apart.

Fort Bragg has had more infant deaths than usual and the Army can't figure out why.
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