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Yeah, More Pain and Hot Flashes

Yesterday I went and picked up more narcotics and since it was the right time, stopped to eat at Carrabbas -- mezza luna, which is always good -- and got home just about the time I would have if I'd come straight home. My back has been hurting a lot in the area of the open kidney biopsy scar and the second-degree burn and not just when I've been sitting. Sometimes it hurts when I move or when I breathe. My left shoulder and now right shoulder still hurt and those are both probably because of the things I need to do myself and shouldn't. It was the back pain that made me sign off and sit in the recliner last night.

That did let me watch CSI and then the tape of NCIS from earlier this week. I read the paper and got to bed at 2:30am. I finished reading at 4am and set the alarm for noon. I had an appointment with my primary today to talk about all the pain plus the lack of sleep due to the hot flashes at night. When the alarm went off, I'd only had about four hours of sleep, so I cancelled the appointment using the automated phone version. I'll make another one next week and try to get it later so I can get more sleep. I didn't get up until 5pm and did actually sleep the last two hours completely. The big cats didn't wake me, either.

I went ahead and took narcotics with my getting up meds because I wasn't going to drive or use knives today. I've pretty much just been online so far. The VCR is watching CBS and I can watch that tomorrow. I need to get up really early tomorrow -- maybe not go to sleep -- because the hazmat day is at the transfer station and I now have three rechargable batteries to turn in. I also have two boxes of cardboard to put in the container for that.

One of the local NBC station's anchor is going to England for the wedding and has started reporting already. If you want to eat at an English-like tea shop, check here.

Remember how the drug company was going to sell a drug to keep pre-term babies safe for $1500 a shot (one shot each for 20 weeks)? Then the FDA said compounding pharmacies should continue to compound? Well, the drug company must have figured they wouldn't make much money that way because they're bringing it down to $690 per shot. I bet they still don't make much money.

Federal civil rights office is checking out Yale's reaction to sexual bias and misconduct reports. They let guys hold up signs saying "We love Yale sluts" outside a woman's dorm. Ewww.

Johnson & Johnson have recalled more Tylenol. Check your bottles, and start buying generics (acetaminophen), which are required to be exactly the same drug. They're a lot cheaper.

A batch of troops heading for the most dangerous area of Afghanistan have had their departure moved up a month. Many had planned vacations with their families in that month so their commander asked the airlines to let the troops change the dates without paying. Not all the airlines helped them.

E-reader application Zite is stealing content, say many media companies.

Here's a lovely picture of a couple in wedding clothes getting pictures with the cherry blossoms. The odd part? Their wedding is in June.
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