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I watched one show last night and taped another, then read the paper. I got to bed at 2am and read until 4:30am when I came to get the paper, see the early news, and finish the protein with crackers & cheese. I actually went to sleep at 5am and left the alarm set to noon, which is where it was still set when I woke up at 2pm. I clearly turned it off, but have no memory of that.

I took the trash & recycling out and went to the City Hall to have the property non-tax forms notarized and turn them in. Then I headed for Captain D's where one of our SF bookgroup members works. He was in the front dealing with both people coming to the counter and the drive-in folk. I saw him take several bags out to different cars that were up near the front of the building. When he was out of customers, we talked and he said that the managers have him ask the cars to pull forward so their count doesn't get long. I knew Popeye's kept track of time -- there's a digital counter on their window that sticks out for the pick-up that faces the cars -- but it doesn't look like they make changes on purpose.

Mercury is going into retrograde and a lot of new-agey people think it's a disaster.

Well, the FDA has fixed something I was going to tell you: a medication that prevents early delivery (causes a lot of infant damage) was developed by NIH, and FDA let a single non-involved drug company to sell it for seven years. When it was being tested, it cost $10-20/week. The drug company was going to sell it for $1500/week and everybody else gasped. The drug company even told pharmacists that they were not allowed to compound the med, which they've been doing during the tests. Today, the FDA says the compounding can continue.

Ezra Klein tells us how to keep Social Security without hurting the people who need it most.
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