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Last night I watched a show and then watched a tape of another show. While I was doing that, I got a new batch of canned cat food from the hallway closet onto the shelf, got all the dry food out of the container and separated it as accurately as I could between the big cats and Spirit, and then put the new dry food into the container -- all of it by hauling a chair around. Then I read the paper and got to bed at 2:30am. I still had the shoulder and back pains and I got the Kaiser Health book and apparently the shoulder things are tendenitis and bursitis (for the different places), but the back might be inflamed. Fortunately, I made an appointment to see my primary on Friday and will also try to get a way to either stop hot flashes or a way to sleep. I'd rather not have more meds, but this is just too much. I went to sleep more or less at 4am and with the hot flashes, didn't get up until 3pm.

I filled out the forms so I won't get city taxes on the condo (fully and completely disabled and total income under $59K. Boy, I'd like to get that much.) and made the appropriate copies -- some for them, some for me -- and will take them in to City Hall tomorrow. I can get it notarized there and then hand it over to Revenue.

I've made other appointments, dealt with the behavior people not billing Medicare first, ordered more printer cartridges, and got a pill-pocket out from under the secretary. I roll them on the floor for Junie and sometimes she swats them, but usually not under things. I thought I'd have to take the pill-pocket off and put on a new one, but it was easy to just sort of scrape it clean. I also made up the pill-pockets for the next five days.

The gossip column in the WashPost covered a baseball guy getting his picture in the National Portrait Gallery, and wrote "...we had to ask about his gray suit, which, seen up close, shimmered with a delicate grid of lavender and orange dots. Sounds insane, we know, but in person it looked rich."
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