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Not My Day

Last night I read the paper and got to bed to read at 2:30am. I stopped at 4am, got the paper, and went to bed to have hot flashes all night. I'd set the alarm to noon, but changed it to 2pm much earlier since I wasn't getting enough sleep. When I got up, the bottom of my right side started hurting again, and then my left shoulder started hurting. I dunno, maybe I should have stayed home.

I got Saturday's mail from the clusterbox and it had my check so I went to deposit it. Then I went to the drive-in ATM to get money for the week and it sounded like it'd run out of money and told me it was temporarily out of service. I drove to the back of the building where there's close handicapped spots and I can walk through short halls to get in the main door of the credit union and went through to the walk-up ATM. Both ways through the credit union, I saw lizzibabe working with clients, but she didn't look up.

A casual restaurant, Noodles and Company, has a deal going on where if you bring in three mac & cheese boxes yesterday or today for Food Bank, you get a free bowl of mac & cheese for yourself. The WashPost had an interesting article about food dyes and how bad they are for us -- Kraft mac & cheese is listed as having Yellow 5 and Yellow 6 (in the illo which is only in the paper version -- I dislike it when they do that). I pulled three grocery house-brand boxes from my cupboard to take today and looked at the colorings: annetto and paprika. Some companies are already taking care of us.

I know Noodle's basic mac & cheese is bland because I have two friends who like it. I got the "spicy" version and was glad there was a hot sauce bottle on the table. I've liked everything else I've had there.

Then on to grocery shopping and when I got home, I had to pull a chair over to the counters in the kitchen because I just couldn't lift the bags out of the rolling cart. I may get offline early tonight and just stay in the recliner with the heating pad.
Tags: credit union, errands, food, food dyes, hot flashes, mac & cheese, pain, reading, sleeping

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