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Vanishing Snow

Last night I read the paper and got to bed at 11:30pm. I finished the section I was planning to read at 2am, but my right lower back still hurt like crazy, so I read until 3:30am when I could take more acetaminophin. That didn't work so by 4:30am I went to get the paper and there was snow on the metal parts of the cars. We're right between the weatherpeople's trace counties and the 1-2" counties. When I went back to bed, I put another pillow under that side of my back, to see if supporting it would help and it helped a bit. I ended up with that side not hurting but started sleeping with the almost-scheduled waking for the hot flashes. The alarm was set for 2pm and I was awake, but I didn't hurt, so I waited to get up until 3:15pm, which is when my right lower back started hurting again.

The snow was gone and the news said it melted at sunrise almost everywhere around DC. I read the first pages of the paper sections and watched Meet the Press. Secretary Clinton was on -- taped on Saturday -- and she was shown a video of Geraldine Ferraro, who was a friend of hers. She reacted both happily that Ferraro cracked the glass ceiling, and sad that she'd died Friday.

Diana Wynne Jones died yesterday.

I have the bed linen laundry going and the phone charging. Whatever is making it lose charge so fast is apparently not the battery, because it had the fully-charged battery in just about the same time it needed to be recharged again today. I'm going to move the charger to the headboard so I can charge it at night and still answer the phone (when someone calls me at some awful time in the morning). I can tell that by planning to do this, I really really don't want to get rid of this phone and get another one. It's a perfect size for my hand and fingers. I'll see how well this works.

An independent preacher, Harold Camping, says that Jesus is going to return on 5/21/11 to take the righteous up to heaven and the rest of us will be mistreated. Then the world will end on 10/21. That article is an "e-paper" which looks bad; if you want to see the actual page with the illos, click on this pdf.
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