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New Back Pain

Last night I watched two shows I'd taped during the week and then read the paper. I got to bed at 2:30am and about an hour later had a lot of pain in a bar across my lower right back. I tried moving around where I could still read, but it didn't work, so I came out here and the heating pad helped some. I finished reading at 4am but the paper had come by then and I marked next week's TV Week and sorted out the sections from Sunday. I got back to bed and set the alarm for 2pm. I had lots of hot flashes during this time and ended up staying in bed until 3pm.

I made the grocery list and read the front pages of today's paper and then started laundry. So far, I'm feeling better sitting than standing and laying down. I'm going to use another dose of narcotics soon because that will make the next dose at a reasonable bedtime.

I was looking at ISFDB and today is prof_brotherton (Mike Brotherton)'s birthday and Jim Theis' deathday.

Down in Guatemala, a President can't be followed by a relative. So the current president and his wife are divorcing as a "real sacrifice."

Barry Minkow spent lots of years in prison due to his fraudulent work. When he came out, he became the senior pastor of a church, preaching in his orange jumpsuit. Well, he's going back to jail because he's conducted a new fraud and stolen money from the church for business expenses. I hope the church is more careful for the next pastor.
Tags: divorce for patriotism, grocery list, hot flashes, laundry, minkow back in jail, pain, reading, sleeping, tv

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