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Layne's Legacy - Beading For A Cure

Edit to add better auction URL.

Layne's Legacy - Beading For A Cure -- -- is a charity that was started after a dear friend of ours died. Layne was a wonderful person who died of colorectal cancer due to misdiagnosis and we decided to make a charity where the money went to colorectal cancer research. We are a 501(c) group and an approved charity (Giving Works) on eBay. All our winnings except operating expenses (under $100/year) go directly to NCCRA. We gave $929.52 last year and expect to be able to give more this year. We accept donations year-round, but the main part of our work is a bead challenge.

For the bead challenge, everybody buys the same kit (put together by one of the beadstore owners on the board) and must follow the same rules to make a project. The projects get donated back to us and they are photographed and auctioned. We auction during the months of March, National Colorectal Cancer month, and April.

I'm the auctioner and I'll be putting each week's auctions up about 3pm ET on Sundays, starting 3/4. You can see the auctions at If you want to look at all the items beforehand, there's a gallery and slideshow here.

There's fabulous work here from some well-known bead artists as well a fantasy author. Please look and if you like what you see, bid!
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