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I read until 3am and couldn't figure out why it was taking so long, but then I realized I was reading all the Mideast and Japanese articles and that's a lot longer than skimming them. I read in bed until 5am and set the alarm for 1pm. I actually got one four-hour blob of unawake time, but the rest were all interrupted every hour. I had to take the heat-sealed plastic off a refilled med and Loki had a lot of fun with that.

I went out to get the new cat food -- we've got about five days left -- and while PetSmart had the right food, they didn't have Purina cat toys. I'll have to get them online. There were tons of daffodils out and a lot of trees are budding!

The phone didn't last 24 hours in charging yesterday, so I need to decide between another new battery or a new phone. The battery is pretty expensive (definitely more than the cost of the phone I picked) and it would be cheaper to just get the new phone (that comes with a 2-year agreement), but I like this phone better than the other options, so I have to think.

The Federal Protective Service has had another screw-up. A private security guard brought a package into the building and the FPS officers just let it sit for three weeks. They figured they should check it then and found explosives.

Antarctica is now warm enough for king crabs to take over.
Tags: cats, crabs king in antarctica, errands, explosive mistake, phone battery vs new phone & agreement, reading, sleeping

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