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Need Cold Flashes

I was offline at about 10:15pm and I made the grocery list, then started reading the paper. I got to the bedroom at 2:45am and read until 6:12am. I had the hot flashes every hour just about on the hour and I turned the alarm off early and slept until 3pm. I got the paper in the order I like and then read all the front pages. I came over here to read, had dinner, and started washing the bed linen.

The last two times I've taken the phone out of my pocket, it's turned off. It will turn on and do all the regular things, and I read the manual almost page to page and I couldn't find a way I could have set it that way, so I have it out on the desk now so I can see if it turns off here and how long it took.

The flyer for the grocery this week has a very fattening bargain -- buy three rolls of Pillsbury Grands Biscuits and get $2 off a pound of butter. I do put butter on toast sometimes, but I bet those biscuits have enough fat to taste sufficiently fatty without butter.

Radiation risks low, according to science.
Tags: butter & buscuits, food, laundry, phone, radiation risks low, reading, sleeping hot flashes

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