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Revelatory Dream

I'm going to be 52 next Saturday, you'd think I had my childhood worked out by now. I long ago figured out that the attention from my friends' parents when we were stationed in Virginia Beach (I was 15 & 16) was an answer to the abuse at home. One of my friends and his parents came all the way to Roanoke so I'd have someone in the audience at State Chorus (and I won the alto solo, so I was pleased to have someone tell me how well I did).

We were stationed at the Pentagon before that (I was 12-14) and there was an Air Force family at our church who had a girl my age and a boy my brother's age (we still keep in touch) plus two younger daughters. They treated us just like their own kids and took us on vacations with them and on weekend getaways and frequently said "why not just stay overnight?" It took the dream this morning for me to realize that this was *also* their way of pulling us away from the abuse.

In the dream, we were all the same ages as we were back then, but it was happening in the future. We were actually part of their family and were so happy about it that we never wanted to see our biological parents again. It was just life, but life in a good family.
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