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Phone Working Now, Later?

Last night after I was online I took care of some house things and then read the paper. I got to bed at 12:30am to read and finished at 2:30pm. Unfortunately, I had the every hour or hour-and-a-half with hot flashes. In the end, I extended the alarm to 1pm and just washed up instead of showering.

I pulled the phone out of the rice and it was working. When I first got the phone I didn't realize the position of the sim card -- I figured both the card & phone memories were fine -- and when I found out different, I didn't bother changing the memories around. Only three of the bookgroup went to dinner -- Noodles and Co. -- and I was there first so I spent the time making sure all the phone numbers were in the card, and deleting numbers I didn't need anymore. I finished that just as the other two showed up. I know it might die again, but at least I have everything on the sim and can just swap that.

Bethesda is a wealthy area near DC and when two women were attacked by two men in black in the store where they worked, one dead and raped and the other raped and bruised, people in that area started to get pretty nervous. That's not happening now, because the police followed the forensics instead of the "survivor's" tale and they can prove she was mad at the other worker and killed her. She bruised and bound herself.

A sarcastic political cartoon by Tom Toles
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