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Lord of War

Nicholas Cage is the narrating protagonist of this story about dealing guns. The packet has Ethan Hawke as second, but he's only in five minutes of the first hour and maybe seven minutes in the second hour. He must have gotten that as a bribe to be in the show.

The show starts with "For What It's Worth" but not by Buffalo Springfield. This is the only entire song in the movie, but there are a lot of right-time songs as the movie goes forward in time.

Cage plays a guy who starts from the bottom of gun dealing in the 1980s and becomes wealthy that way. His wife doesn't know, or doesn't want to know, his job, but she appreciates all the stuff they have. He makes a partnership with the leader of Liberia (appears to be like Samuel Doe and can take his eyes off all the death caused by them. Then the Cold War stops and Cage is grabbing here and there for money. He meets a lot of mean foreign people, filming in the real places, and at the end, when he's caught by Ethan Hawke's character, a highly-placed general lets him go. Hawke is shocked.

Cage tells us at the end that this is how war is made -- from gun dealing -- and we reverse back over a ground covered with bullets.

It was pretty good, Cage did well, but there is a lot of obvious death.
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