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Phone Rice-suscitated

I was still online for the beginning of Criminal Minds so I taped it and when I was offline I did a lot of little things around the condo and started reading the paper. I watched CM: Suspect Behavior but it was losing signal so I switched to analog which was fine. After that, I watched the CM and problems started about halfway through and made the end unwatchable; then I read the rest of the paper. I got to bed to read a bit after 2am and finished at 4:30am. I came out to get today's paper and watched a bit of news with Spirit and then went back to bed at 5am and directly to sleep. I kept waking up for being hot, so when the alarm went off at noon, I turned it off and slept until 1:30pm.

I came out and fed the cats and put the phone back together and it works! In fact, it had the pink light showing I had a message -- it was from the daughter of my former upstairs neighbor and she asked me to step outside and talk to her. I did that, and she was painting her dad's door and frame and asked if she could do mine, too, and the stoop. She's selling the condo and the development hasn't been repainted for way too long, so she wants to make the entry all look good. That's definitely fine with me and I kept telling her thanks. I also had to keep stepping outside and closing the door because Loki was sure he should go outside.

The new BP machine came today and I'm a bit disappointed in it -- it doesn't have a graph to show the last dozen entries; you can just move back and forward to see each reading or get an average of the last three readings. It also has very cheap plastic and is not attractive. I'll get used to it, I'm sure.

Wikileaks published a cable where the Indian government bribed lawmakers to get a civilian nuclear deal.

The Secretary of Education opines that college basketball teams should have to keep a 50% graduation average in order to play. Makes sense to me.

More women attend colleges than men do, but fewer women run for office.

The top Miss Manners question & answer is very funny.
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