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Drowned Phone

I was online until 8:30pm last night so taped Glee to watch later. When I went back to change into my robe, part of a bug (fell apart in more parts when I touched it) was on my stomach. I put yesterday's clothes in the hamper and took it down to the utility room. I started watching the tape of Glee and hearing thumps in the washer. I went and stopped it and, yes, I'd left my phone in my pocket. I signed back on and apparently everybody, even cellphone company people, think you should take it apart and put it in rice (in a closed bowl or bag) for 48 hours, which will be 10pm tomorrow. I checked today and it's not working yet (I need to buy more rice on Monday). Just to be prepared, I found a phone which is okay (everything is okay except it's blue) on T-Mobile's website and it's just $29.99 with an additional 2-year contract. I've been happy with their service over the six years I've had a cellphone, so that would be okay. But it's blue!

I finished watching the tape and then read the paper. I got to bed to read by 2am and finished at 4:30am. I watched about 15 minutes of news and got back to bed at 5am and didn't sleep. At 6am, I realized that I hurt a lot still, so got some acetaminophin and read until 7:30am when I went to sleep. The alarm was set for noon, but I ended up changing it to 2pm and actually getting up at 2:30pm.

I took the trash and recycling out and then got my hair cut. I think every hair on my head has its own distinct length at this point and while I was going to leave the longest until I didn't need to wear a coat, I'm having to pin it up all the time because of the hot flashes. I think it took more time to explain the current hair and how I don't know if the vertical wave graph is permanent (although all the prior changes like this were) than the shampoo & cut. I had her cut 3" first and then 2" more so now a lot of it is at my shoulders.

It turns out that the major risk in the Japanese nuclear problem is fear. "The average amount of radiation that victims in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to would increase the risk of dying from lung cancer by about 40 percent... Smoking a pack of cigarettes a day increases the risk of dying of lung cancer by about 400 percent". People who are ever near radiation get ostracised -- they can't stay in hotels or be in public pools and people won't buy products from their area -- and it's all because of fear.

Domestic cats that are let out kill a lot of birds.

You know how I always read my horoscope when I get up so I can laugh at how wrong it was later? Well, yesterdays was (huh, the ones online aren't the ones in the paper version -- I'll type it):

You have a sharp sense for finding what's hidden, uncovering the mystery and solving riddles. Additionally, you might locate something that you thought was lost forever.

So where the heck is Birdie!?
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