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I taped the Harry's Law last night after the one from last week while I read the paper. Then I watched the two shows and it was good I watched the first one before the one last night because some things carried over. I went to bed to read at 2:30am and expected to stop at 4am and set the alarm at noon, but I lost track of time and read until 5:30am. I left the alarm at noon, but had the hot flashes just about every hour last night and didn't get up until 2pm. I feel like I could use a nap now.

I took my birthday coupon to Ruby Tuesday and had a free burger. Although I was pretty full, I hadn't had their new "gourmet cupcakes" -- carrot cake and red velvet -- and I asked the server how big they were. He said "normal size," but when they came, they were definitely smaller and that was good. The cupcakes were good, too.

On the way back in I got the mail and the only thing I'm keeping is some meds. The weird part is that I ordered this refill more recently than two others that haven't come yet. I'll have to check online.

They should really train airline attendents better -- a batch of them got scared when three passengers, Orthodox Jews, tied on tefillin and started to pray -- and AP should know better, too -- tefillin are the leather & boxes, not the name of the ritual. Think they'll become worried if Amish show up and pray?

Some iPhones changed in the wrong direction Saturday morning. Makes you wonder about the programmers.

A fascinating article (with illos) on why child carseats aren't actually very safe.
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